Box spring bed Elsa with solid wood frame, electrically adjustable

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variants: 180x200
Natural sleeping comfort of the luxury class:
Solid wood box spring beds

Until a few years ago, solid wood beds and box spring comfort were hardly compatible. But the desire for more natural materials in the box spring bed grew and grew. The result: Luxurious box spring beds made of solid wood.

Box spring bed Elsa electrically adjustable
o Sturdy wooden base frame made of solid oak
o Bonell spring core box
• Mattress:
o 7-zone pocket spring core
o Degree of hardness: H2-H3
o Mattress in two parts

• Toppers:
o Made of cold foam
o Two-part topper

• Lying height: 65 cm
• Headboard height: 122 cm
• Box height: 17 cm
• Mattress height: 18 cm
• Height topper: 4 cm
• Feet height: 6 cm

• Outstanding sleeping comfort thanks to double springs
• Solid wood – quality from nature

Shipping & Assembly:
• Scope of delivery: box spring bed incl. topper
• Article is delivered disassembled

• Type of wood: solid oak

Solid wood bed with box spring insert system

As with classic solid wood beds, some models with a box spring system have a solid oak bed frame. The highlight: Instead of a slatted frame and mattress, an individually adaptable box spring system consisting of a box, mattress and topper is simply placed in the frame. Existing bed frames can also be perfectly upgraded in this way.

In addition to solid wood loungers without a headboard, box spring beds with a wooden headboard can also be found in this category. These are often attached to the bed frame using metal brackets in such a way that they are not covered by the mattress and topper of the box spring system. Many can also be made even more comfortable with comfortable plug-in cushions

Pick your favorite color

You can choose the fine woven fabric cover of this bed in many pastel shades. It is best to choose a color that harmonises with the existing furnishings in your bedroom. Both the frame and the headboard have padding covered by the woven fabric. This gives you a rounded upper edge on the sides of the bed and at the end of the foot - ideal for not having to slide over a hard edge when getting up in the morning.

In addition to the color of the cover, you can also choose the size of the bed so that you and your partner, if applicable, have enough space to sleep.

Pick your favorite color

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