Corner sofa Emporio XL with bed function

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Corner sofa Emporio XL with bed function

In subtle colors, the corner sofa with sleeping function can be combined with different pieces of furniture and skillfully staged with decorative cushions. With the dimensions of 339x223x175 cm and a seat height of 45 cm, it is perfect for a large family.

Spontaneous sleeping guests will always be welcome in the future, thanks to the practical sleeping function with a lying surface of 122x270 cm. With this sofa, this function is extremely handy, the additional sleeping area can be pulled out of the couch and you don't have to move the sofa away from the wall. In this refined design you will also find a box to store the bed linen. The sofa transforms your 4 walls into a comfortable and homely space.

Dimensions 339x175x223cm, depth: 106/97cm, seat height: 45cm

Lying surface can be ordered on the left or right

Over 80 colors to choose from
30 different types of fabric

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