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Living trends 2020: Our 8 interior design forecasts
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Living trends 2020: Our 8 interior design forecasts

In 2020, a well-styled home should look like this: inhabited. While for Ireland it is "overly staged rooms", for McKinley it is unused decorative objects that we should now say goodbye to first. "Books and other decorative items should always be placed in a way that invites people to use and interact with them," he explains. Robin Standefer and Stephen Alesch from Roman and Williams - the designers have renovated the British Galleries in the Metropolitan Museum of Art - are now announcing the end of their "obsession with perfection and tonality". Timothy Corrigan, meanwhile, says he can see a "more eclectic approach to design in the future, mixing different styles and eras".

Eco-chic: time for new materials

Of course, sustainability also plays a major role. The new it-pieces are no longer made of plastic or fibers, but of recycled materials or even second-hand parts. Eco-chic has now definitely arrived in the living room.

Living trends 2020

According to experts, these interior trends await us this year - and yes, there will also be a new It color .

1. More color

We've already seen the [color palette] move away from "greige" and toward more color. In 2020 colors will now be brighter and clearer and there will be more jewel tones.

2. Antiques

Antiques are becoming more and more popular - even younger people use them as an alternative to the mass-produced offers in the catalogues, to give rooms more character and individuality.

3. Personal

Colour, chintz, individuality and all the good things that remind you of your childhood. Personality is back!

4. Earthy tones, terracotta floors and linen curtains

Bold, earthy tones are definitely coming into fashion. I am pleased that the color and texture are now more in-depth again. I have an archive of design magazines from the 90's that now feel very relevant again thanks to the current aesthetic. It was all about rustic minimalism at the time—think Calvin Klein Home. Terracotta floors, long white linen curtains, pine panels - these are all things we now work with in the studio.

5. Pattern wallpaper

Wallpaper is becoming increasingly popular. People like that they can just paper an eye-catching pattern on their wall and express themselves. It allows the ultimate transformation of any space.

6. Green

The color green is set to make a huge comeback in 2020.

7. Wood tones

Brown is definitely back – using different tones of wood in a room combined with plum blue, rusty red, coral, aubergine, a modern lime green and aged gold. These give the interior a 70s vibe in look and feel.

8. Natural materials

The properties and elemental geometries of natural materials, their form and layers of patterns and imperfect rhythms - natural materials offer unexpected depth and variation. The color gradients and features of these materials - such as those found in green malachite or onyx - are of course also glamorous, as are bouclé and textured silks and stones and alloys such as tarnished silver.



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