Buying furniture needs inspiration. Experiencing different ambiences is the best way to see, feel and sense which design best suits your own ideas and needs.

Our DESIGN WORLDS show you such ambiences: as far-reaching. You can also discover the diversity of the different material worlds – and how they influence the atmosphere of a room.


Leather seems to have been created to “clothe” fine seating furniture. Unmistakable feel, high-quality workmanship, high robustness and durability have made it a coveted upholstery material.
In our LEATHER WORLD we show you a selection from the collection of our leather specialists.

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Wood is a fascinating material. It radiates calm and serenity and gives rooms a warm, natural touch.

Precious woods such as American walnut or oak are particularly popular with interior designers when a room needs to be furnished in a modern yet "down to earth" way. And since each piece used is a little different, each piece of wooden furniture is also unique.

We would like to show you here what effect furniture made of wood has on a room and its inhabitants, what feelings and emotions they trigger. Using models made by manufacturers among the most recognized in their field. Let the natural radiance of this unique material work its magic on you. You will see: furniture made of wood transforms even the most metropolitan home into a tranquil retreat.

Neva chair by Artisan

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Wood: walnut
seat: leather


Upholstered furniture lives a lot from its design and comfort - but not only: The visual and haptic experience of its materials is an integral part of every successful interior design concept.

The brands have not only created groundbreaking sofa systems in recent years. They also showed what can be achieved if you deal intensively with the world of fabrics and the possibilities of creative textile design: the language of form and textile then merge in an impressive way into a total work of art. The sometimes imaginative but always stylish designs add a new, additional dimension to the models. Give these remarkable designs some time! The impressions, suggestions and inspirations that you collect will help you to give your home a special touch.

Tiga Ecksofa mit Staufach und Bettfunktion, elektrisch ausziehbar

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Wonderfully soft and extremely trendy: velvet, velor and chenille are fabrics with a special cuddly factor and feel nice and soft on the skin. The slightly shiny look is particularly elegant and gives your furniture and living space that certain something.
Velvet and velor can also be combined particularly well with other fabrics and work particularly well as a highlight on individual products.
Discover our selection of furniture here, which looks particularly good with a velvety cover.

Bench Huxley Anthracite Velvet (Quartz Antraciet 801)

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Every home needs a highlight, a piece of furniture, a lamp or a piece of decoration that immediately draws everyone's attention. Brands such as Artisan offer many such "eye-catchers".

Whether it's bright colors, unusual shapes or a unique design: this furniture makes a clear statement for you and your guests
will not be able to get enough of them.

Set cool accents, for example with the LASTA sideboard, which impresses with its unusual shape and in a decently furnished room
stands out particularly beautifully.

Or embellish your living room with the unusual LASTA sideboard, which is a real eye-catcher thanks to its relief-like structure on the doors.

In the bedroom, living room or dining room, in the office or in the garden: be inspired by our selection of unusual pieces of furniture
and give your apartment that certain something.

YAGI firewood rack

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Size: L91xW37xH45