Soft modular shelf

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solid wood
Thickness: 2cm
Possibility of dismantling: no

Price on request

70×27x50 module
1 10 × 27x60 module
2 10 ×27x79 - module 3 (with S level)
135 × 27x67 - module
4 18 × 27x66 - module
5 92 × 27x160 - module 6
Note: Other modifications (on request)
Various versions available. Please ask

The design furniture manufacturer Artisan uses solid wood from renewable sources in the production and only natural and environmentally friendly materials in the processing. By using biodegradable oils and waxes, the manufacturer emphasizes the variety of colors and emphasizes the luxurious and organic beauty of the wood.

Artisan vouches with its name that at the end of the manufacturing process, the furniture that adorns your living space is just as natural as the wood from which it was made. All of the manufacturer's products, whether chairs, tables or beds, are made entirely by hand and have a distinctively high quality standard.

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